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Bauhaus Modern

850 Sq. ft. space; one of 2 floors

Bauhaus architecture's characteristics include functional and abstract forms, simple color schemes, holistic design, and basic industrial materials like concrete, steel, and glass. Bauhaus interiors are defined by their lack of ornament, and use of clean lines, smooth surfaces, and geometric shapes.

After being a devotee of Craftsman style for decades, I've recently become obsessed with Modern style architecture and design. Both styles stress functionality over fussiness with simple structures, open floor plans, and sparse adornment — though their use of materials couldn't be more different.

For this design, I took inspiration from the geometric fabric wall panel, carrying the colors throughout the home. I have a natural tendency to pack a lot into my rooms, so I spent a lot of time editing it back. I love the mix of concrete floors, glossy tile fireplace, wool rugs with stone and natural wood accents.

Happy accident: It is an unusual color palette with black, white and goldenrod mixed with gray and beige, so I was thrilled to find Ben Hopwood's graphic oil paintings as a perfect complement.

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